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Pi Day – March 14, 2024

Of course we couldn’t let Pi day go by without a celebration!!

K1 Racing – February 29, 2024

These Fiksters enjoyed the adrenaline rush and some friendly competition at K1 Speed! So fun!

Pats Peak – February 23, 2024

Fun was had by all while skiing at Pats Peak!! Such a great way to start the weekend!!

Visit to Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation – February 17, 2024

Some of our team made a visit to the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation. They enjoyed seeing lots of artifacts from the past.

February Birthday Lunch – February 20, 2024

Happy Birthday to Aidan, Carey, Eric, Rachel, Rebecca and Tristan!

Chili Cook Off – February 9, 2024

The competition was fierce at our annual Re:Build Fikst Chili Cook-Off. Some great-tasting chili was enjoyed by all. Congrats to our winners Rachel and Travis!

Celebrating Lunar New Year – February 9, 2024

Thank you Rebecca for bringing in treats and decorations for Lunar New Year!

Re:Build Fikst Holiday Party – February 1, 2024

Welcome Back Rachel!!

Farewell Lunch for Zack – January 24, 2024

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